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Crimson Theme 57

Crimson Theme 57

Crimson is a minimalistic theme, ideal for corporate sites and business that require a sleek and clean site. The theme is capable of multiple layouts, with various pagetypes, elements, and typography to choose from. The Crimson Theme also renders beautifully through different platforms through its mobile-responsive feature, made possible by Bootstrap.

Theme Features:

  • 10 different pagetypes
  • 1 pre-defined color scheme
  • 5 custom pagelist templates
  • 2 custom autonav templates
  • 2 custom feature block tempaltes
  • 2 custom faq templates
  • 2 custom image templates
  • 1 custom search template
  • 1 custom social links templates
  • 2 call to action buttons
  • Uses google fonts
  • Mobile/Responsive ready

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